Concept and Founding of the Orchestra

The rose and the bud on our logo symbolize the concept of The Intergeneration Orchestra of Omaha. The rose in full bloom signifies the lifetime of experience our older musicians bring to the group, while the rosebud represents the emerging talents of our younger artists.

Chris Gillette, our project director, and a former co-worker, Cora Lee Bell, formed the Intergeneration Orchestra of Omaha in the spring of 1985. Funded in 1985 through a grant from the Peter Kiewit Foundation, with sponsorship of the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging, the Intergeneration Orchestra of Omaha brings together performing artists of two eras, joined through the universal language of music. Musicians may audition if they are either age 50 and older or age 25 and younger. There are no minimum or maximum age restrictions in the ensemble.

The Intergeneration Orchestra of Omaha is funded entirely through grants, donations, memberships, fundraisers and performance fees. The ENOA also contributes a variety of in-kind services to assist with the administration of the group. The Orchestra is run by a Board of Directors, which includes two elected younger and two elected older Orchestra musicians.

The Concert Season

The Orchestra's concert season runs from September through April, with a schedule of 7 concerts. Performances are given for senior and retiree groups, at nursing homes, private events, conferences and schools. Community-wide events include the annual spring "Pops & Pie" fundraiser concert at area performing arts venues.

Orchestra Tours

Since its founding, the Orchestra has toured nationally ten times including two performances in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Mount Rushmore, Bella Vista (Arkansas), Kansas City, Dallas, and Estes Park.